Silkscreened Posters

Cayo Arena

Silkscreened poster made for a small island from the Dominican Republic, named Cayo Arena, known in English as Paradise Island. The colors were used to emphasize the beauty of the it. Blue represents the sky, aqua the cristal water, and gold represents the clean sand and the treasure that the island is.

Prague Spring 1968

Poster designed and silkscreened to embody the Prague Spring 1968 movement. It aimed to represent the resistant and the effort of the Czechs in order to get their freedom. It was inspired in the Dadaism movement.

Frequency Festival

Series of poster designed for an imaginary festival named Frequency. It was inspired in the Concrete Poetry movement, therefore, text is the main focus of the poster. Words are created with the letters that compose the word frequency, giving each poster a different reading.
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